Personalized yacht services in Greece

You have no time to waste on trivialities. You want the dream vacation waiting for your arrival. Keelme offers you this dream. As soon as you fly into the Athens International Airport, we take over. Transfer from and to the airport in a luxurious automobile. A wide selection of yachts to fit your every possible need, fully equipped to your specifications. A world class crew guarantees that your every need will be met to the utmost standard of excellence. Special requests are welcome (exclusive club reservations, scuba diving equipment on board) and utmost discretion is guaranteed. The attractions of Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos and Corfu are awaiting you. The dream is real and we are proud to offer it to you.


Whether you are looking to book an express cruiser, sailing boat or a catamaran, we’ve got the yacht for you. First time on a cruise? Even better! Message us with your needs and specifications and we can propose the ideal type of yacht for yourself and your entourage.


Keelme is proud to boast a team of highly skilled certified skippers with many years at sea between them, versed in a multitude of languages. Select the ideal skippers for your cruise. If you require hostesses or additional deck hands, these may be arranged as well and will be handpicked from amongst the best maritime staff of the Meditteranean.

Athens Airport transfer

We provide a full service, having our people pick you up at the airport and deliver you directly to the marina. It’s as easy as you giving us your flight number and last name and our party will be there to welcome you to your Greek adventure!


We are here to provide you with an experience tailored to your standard of excellence. Care to spend a couple of days discovering Athens prior to your departure? Five-Star Accommodations as well as dinner and private club reservations in the Athens Riviera make for the ideal entrée to your Mediterranean adventure.