Experience first hand the pleasures of the enchanted seas, which defined the very concept of “island hopping”. Why stop at one island, when you can have an adventure in each and every one?

Spetses is an attractive small island, famous for its secluded, hidden coves with sparkling clear seas. This pine-clad island offers friendly and traditional hospitality where cars are banned and everything is in walking distance.

Hydra is a yachting paradise, as every summer groups of sailing boats moor at the harbour. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, secluded squares and above all the banning of cars, make this island one of the most picturesque destination in Greece.

Mykonos, Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, is a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades where glamour meets simplicity.

Santorini is considered the most romantic destination in Greece. With its reputation for dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches, it’s hardly surprising that Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands.

Paxi and Antipaxi are two small emerald islands, gems in the Ioanian Sea. The beaches are unparalleled: white sand or pebbles lapped by glittering water. Behind them stretch groves of ancient olive trees, thick vineyards and greenery down to the water’s edge.

Zakynthos is one of the greenest and most beautiful island in the archipelago and boasts some superb sandy beaches. A boat ride to the Blue Caves where the sea is so clear and has such an exquisite colour and to the famous Shipwreck Beach, at the north western tip of the island, are more than recommended.

More islands: Paros, Skiathos, Skopelos, Mylos, Kimolos, Kea, Ios, Lefkada, Corfu, Kefalonia